“Dan Camilli is a natural born teacher. Reeya’s Earth Day is full of powerful insights on American social, political, and economic history. Camilli brilliantly describes our present cultural landscape and how we may collectively bring about positive change through the practice of radical empathy.” Bobbie Bell, Playwright, Director, Professor Emeritus, and former Chair of Humanities, History, and Modern Languages, Seminole State College of Florida

As Democratic Socialism and the Green New Deal continue to make headlines, Reeya’s Earth Day offers a provocative and inspirational call to action on behalf of social justice.

Disaffected high school senior Reeya Patel discovers the true meaning of social consciousness from an Earth Day guest speaker, who teaches the urgent importance of civic engagement and the shared responsibility of working toward a more humane, sustainable global culture.

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Through 18 holes (chapters), Dan Camilli uses cartoons, quotes from Buddha to Bagger Vance and presents humorous descriptions of connections between golf and philosophy.

Topics such as selecting golf partners, pre-shot routines, driving distance liars, putting, cigars, and the value of walking the course are all examined in a light-hearted yet thought-provoking way.

“The Cosmic Duffer ™ knows that golf offers a transformative experience.
It’s an exquisitely simple yet complex game – an 18 hole drama – complete with plot and subplots.
Yet the hero and the villain are always the same person – YOU.”

“A wonderful introduction to philosophy cleverly disguised as a book about golf.”

“Funny, informative, irreverent and thought-provoking, Dan Camilli’s book Tee Ceremony brings a philosopher’s sensibility to this mystical game. “

Great gift for golfers!

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